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Give Thanks to Yourself Because You Deserve It!

As we gather around the Thanksgiving table, it's the perfect time to extend our gratitude beyond the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. This year, let's shift the focus inward and take a moment to appreciate the incredible women in the workforce—especially you.

As a career coach and resume writer, I want to empower you to celebrate your wins, losses, and draws and, most importantly, give yourself the recognition you deserve. After all, investing in your own success is the greatest gift you can give.

Lesson 1: Auditing Your Career Journey

Think about the past year and make a list of your wins, losses, and draws. Wins are those moments of triumph, accomplishments that made you proud. Losses, on the other hand, represent setbacks or mistakes—valuable learning experiences. Draws are those instances where you met expectations but perhaps didn't recognize your own efforts.

Lesson 2: Celebrate Your Wins 

Now, let's pop the metaphorical champagne for your wins. Whether it's acing a project, mastering a new skill, or receiving praise from colleagues, take a moment to revel in your success. Recognizing and celebrating your wins is a crucial step in building confidence and acknowledging your worth in the professional arena.

Lesson 3: Embrace the Losses

Next, let's address the losses. Everyone faces challenges, and setbacks are simply stepping stones to success. Reflect on what you've learned from these experiences, and remember that resilience is a key ingredient in any successful career. Don't be afraid to pivot and redirect your efforts—each setback is an opportunity for growth.

Lesson 4: Give Yourself Credit for the Draws:

The draws may seem like the middle ground, but they represent your consistent, reliable efforts. Acknowledge that meeting expectations is commendable, and use these moments as a foundation to elevate your performance in the coming year.

Lesson 5: Invest in Yourself 

Now, let's talk about giving thanks to yourself through strategic investments. Consider hiring a career coach to help you navigate challenging conversations or revamping your resume to pursue exciting new opportunities. Your career is an investment, and by prioritizing your growth, you're making a powerful statement that your professional journey matters.

Lesson 6: Don't Forget the Resilience

In the spirit of gratitude, Take a moment to appreciate your resilience. Whether it was dealing with a toxic boss or bouncing back from a missed promotion, you didn't give up. Every challenge is a chance for redirection, and your ability to persevere is commendable.

As you express gratitude for friends, family, and pumpkin spice lattes this Thanksgiving, don't forget to thank yourself. Your career is a journey, and every step, whether it's a win, loss, or draw, contributes to your growth. Invest in yourself, celebrate your successes, and embrace the challenges with resilience. And remember, at Girl Let’s Talk, we've got your back.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your next year be your best year 🌟

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No code is needed.

Thank you for all the amazing blessings this year! I appreciate you!


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