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Turning Toward The Sun: High-Achieving Women in the Face of Workplace Bullies & Blame-Shifters

In the world of high achievers, women often find themselves basking in the warmth of success, with their natural intelligence and confidence propelling them to remarkable heights. However, this journey to the top can sometimes be marred by the presence of workplace bullies, who lurk in the shadows, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to humiliate, shame, or embarrass us high-performing women. But fear not, for this blog post is our guide to navigating these treacherous waters, learning how to stand up to bullies, and ensuring we never settle for less than we deserve.

The Sunshine and Shadows of Success:

For high-achieving women, success can often feel like turning toward the sun. We work hard, excel in our field, and bask in the glory of our accomplishments. However, some prefer to dwell in the shadows, resenting our brilliance and waiting for any slip-up to exploit. These workplace bullies thrive on undermining our self-confidence and challenging our worth.

Recognizing Workplace Bullies:

Identifying workplace bullies, regardless of their titles or positions within the organization, is essential. These individuals may use various tactics to assert dominance and belittle high-achieving women. Their actions might range from subtle, passive-aggressive comments to overt attempts to tarnish our reputations the moment we make an "unavoidable" mistake.

You'll be better equipped to tackle the issue head-on when you recognize them for who they are.

Standing Up to Workplace Bullies:

Self-Assessment: The first step in dealing with workplace bullies is understanding your values. Knowing your worth and reminding yourself of your achievements. This self-assurance will be your armor against attempts to diminish your confidence. Be sure to keep a documented record of these accomplishments.

Stick to the Facts: When confronting workplace bullies, it's crucial to base your arguments on facts and evidence. Stick to the facts and avoid emotional reactions that might give them an advantage. Document instances of bullying and gather any supporting documentation. If your bully is trying to mar your professional reputation, be sure to articulate your wins clearly. If they keep the score, prove you have a winning record!

It's not my fault; it's yours: Blame-shifters often scale the corporate ladder by exploiting and riding on the coattails of unexacting high achievers studying your every move and waiting on you to take your foot off the gas. When you forget to "check your mirror," they speed forward in your blind spot. Never let this happen; document your department's procedures and processes and share them with your leader to get their buy-in. Ensure you all have an aligned and unified approach to problem-solving and keep your career goals private. These blame-shifters pray on the gray area, hoping you make a mistake so they can exploit your weakness. You're smart, so be sure you don't have any.

Open Communication: Sometimes, the best way to tackle the issue is through open communication. Address the bully privately, express your concerns, and request a resolution. If the criticism is too harsh or unwarranted, ask them if their mistakes have been met with the same vigor.

Seek Support: Don't hesitate to contact a trusted colleague, supervisor, or HR department if the issue persists. They can offer guidance and support and, when necessary, intervene on your behalf.

Assertive Confidence: While maintaining professionalism is essential, never back down when confronting a workplace bully. Be assertive and strengthen your self-confidence. Refuse to be a victim of their intimidation.

High-achieving women should never settle for less than they deserve, and workplace bullies and blame-shifters should never be allowed to undermine your self-worth or confidence. By recognizing and confronting these bullies with facts, open communication, and unwavering confidence, you can turn the tables and continue to bask in the warmth of your well-deserved success. Stand up for your worth, and keep turning toward the sun, for you are destined for brilliance and greatness.

With purpose,



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