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This comprehensive 90-day onboarding guide & action plan provides strategies for building your executive presence, managing your team, establishing strategic partnerships, building a business case, and managing KPIs/OKRs. This interactive guide is designed in "workbook form,” allowing you to draft your thoughts as you learn. This guide will show you how to do what a senior-level employee/ pre-executive does-vision the business forward. The guide begins by helping you identify common business goals, actions, and outcomes and then guides you through building your own. The guide is divided into 4 sections: Section 1/Month 1-Onboarding & AlignmentSection 2/Month 2- Setting Strategic Goals Section 3/Month 3-Managing Strategic Goals Section 4/ Creating your goals, strong prompts with helpful tips.


You can start this plan at any point during the first 6 months or grab it before starting a new job.


  • The guide is 5 single pages. 

    • Managers (with direct reports)
    • Senior Strategists (with decison-making authority)
    • Those aspiring or on course for Management
    • Newly promoted Managers
    • Senior Project Managers
    • Senior Program Managers
    • Those with exposure to budgets
    • Those managing or suppporting OKRs/KPIs
    • Those who particpate in Senior Management meetings
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