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Starting a new job is scary, especially if you still suffer from PTSD over a toxic manager, mobbing co-workers, or have general anxiety about starting a new job at a new company. Well, I am here to help! Before I joined Corporate America, I worked for a toxic manager who was verbally and emotionally abusive. I was worn out, ridden with anxiety, and stressed! I had just about given up.  


Three days before starting my new job; I said, "Amirah, you need to change your attitude and outlook. If you want to make money and get recognized for your efforts, you need a plan that works.


I created my own onboarding guide, and to my surprise, it helped me land 2 promotions in less than 2 years and double my salary.


And since gatekeeping is for losers, I created this 90-day onboarding guide so you too can have all the information you'll need to make a great first impression, build successful workplace partnerships, and become a Rising Star!






  • Great question, this guide will help those with the job titles listed below (or similar job titles), less than 7 years of overall work experience, or those who have struggled to progress at work.

    • Assistant
    • Analyst
    • Associate Manager (less than 4 years experience)
    • Associate (less than 4 years experience)
    • Coordinator
    • Specialist
    • Representative
    • Administrator
    • Engineer (less than 4 years)
    • Account Executive (less than 4 years)
    • Technician
    • or similar


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