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The Founder, Amirah Lawson has been helping professionals achieve their career goals since 2005. She started her business as a side hustle helping family and friends who were looking for new career opportunities.


Before venturing into entrepreneurship full time, Amirah held the title of Vice President at the most successful financial institution in the world.


Amirah started Girl Let's Talk as a way to help both young and seasoned professionals achieve and recognize all their career aspirations. She enjoys identifying the professional strengths of her clients and motivating them to remove both mental and functional barriers.

Amirah spent more than a decade in Corporate America; she has led focus groups, strategy initiatives, DEI programs and has contributed to national campaigns designed to induce revenue growth.


She is a seasoned and skillful writer and has drafted more than numerous bodies of work in her professional life which includes 2 published articles.


She is an expert at navigating Corporate politics and acing the interview process.

If you’ve been feeling anxious, panicked, or concerned about applying for a job, you’ve landed at the right place.

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Job Interview
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