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"Somebody has to come to pinch me! I have never made more than 70K, GLT renovated my resume and now I am PAID! PAID. I highly recommend."

"Girl Let's Talk was passionate about helping me showcase my skills and value on the resume. She was genuine, approachable, and knowledgeable. I was dimming my light but after working with Girl Let's Talk Resume Service I shine bright like a diamond."

"I loved the service! I’ve noticed a significant uptick in the number of

recruiter engagements since working with Amirah."

"I'm highly impressed."

"The experience was very pleasant, memorable, and comforting. The conversation made me consider, acquiring more services."

"I really enjoyed Amirah's services."

"Needed help going from crazy CV to first draft resume after not keeping a resume for many years."

"I was referred to Amirah. And it was a great experience explaining my roles. She was very understanding and gauged with me the entire time. I felt comfortable conveying where I want to go with my career."

"Very quick and easy and to the point. Very effective in her questioning in getting to know your professional history. Thorough Analysis."

"The services that she provided were exceptional. We went through my whole resume and she revised everything as well as making a LinkedIn profile which helped me to navigate applying for jobs."

"My experience has always been outstanding. I love Amirah she's definitely the goat!!"

"Amirah did an amazing job with my resume, I was literally brought to tears, I couldn't believe how many interviews I received as a result of her magical touch. Mind-blowing!"

"After working with Amirah, I received a salary offer of 30k more than I was making before."

"I used Amirah for a Mock Job Interview and she did an amazing job helping me with my Framework Analysis, I received an offer!"

"I was switching careers and wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, I contacted Amirah for a Resume Revamp and Linkedin and she did a great job, I was going from an Admin role to an HR role and she helped me make that transition."


"I'm grateful."

"I was applying for internal promotion and was scared because my coworker with more education wanted the same role, I was apprehensive about working with Amirah because it was a little expensive, however, I am glad I took the chance, I won the opportunity! I am elated!"

"The best decision I ever made was hiring you! use to think working for a Big Pharma company was a dream, you made it a reality." 

Girl Let's Talk helped me transition from a horrible retail job to a great job in Corporate America. When she said she could help me go from where I was to where I am, I didn't believe her, but I am glad I kept the faith because like she said "WE did it!"


I hit 120K, that's all I gotta say. Book her.

I tried the Mock Interview Service, it was AMAZING! I could not believe how much of an improvement I made when answering interview questions, I use to get hung up on "so tell me about yourself" not anymore, Girl Let's Talk got me together!

"I struggled with low self-esteem and Amirah helped me gain confidence."

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Amirah did an amazing job on my resume! I received multiple callbacks within 1 week of applying, and 2 job offers. 

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