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Welcome to Girl Let's Talk, your leading Career Coaching and Resume Writing firm.  Girl Let's Talk specializes in building extraordinary resumes that are 100% unique and personalized. Before doing your resume, Girl Let’s Talk will conduct a 1hr behavioral style consultation with you to uncover all your professional accomplishments; then Girl Let’s talk will use that information to transform your resume from a job description to a BRAG SHEET. Girl Let’s Talk resumes are divided into 4 sections: a summation of professional experience, a list of functional skills, a professional highlight reel, and a chronologic resume. Your resume will focus on metric-driven results that outline scope, scale, and impact. This technique has helped hundreds of professionals to transition to new career paths, double their salaries, and land dozens of job interviews. Girl Let’s Talk specializes in returning the power of career options to the candidate, which is where it belongs. In addition to all that, Girl Let’s Talk will also re-vamp your LinkedIn profile. ​

If you are ready to go to the next level, visit BOOK NOW! Remember to GRAM my ULTIMATE JOB INTERVIEW GUIDE. It’s a Freebie!


Girl Let's Talk

Join A Group Session Starting 

Group Session price includes 4 sessions. 1hr each.


-The 6 Types Of Managers

-Advocating For a Raise/ Promotion

-Getting a Mentor + Sponsor

-Handling Workplace Conflict

join career coaching power hour

1hr. session meeting the first Wed or Thursday of each month. 20-30 min topic with 30-40 min Q&A

Shop my templates

Check out my templates on everything from Resume creation to Interview Prep.

mock interview

 A mock interview is a great way to reduce stress and leave a lasting impression.

Notebook and Fountain Pen


Thank you so much I absolutely love it! And thank you so much for working with me as well and truly making this resume and experience amazing.


I will also be sending people your way, my mom loved my resume so much she started thinking about changing careers and redoing her resume as well. That would be a blessing to see her invest in herself like this because it had been life changing for me.


120K that's all I gotta say. Book her.


I could cry right now reading my resume. You literally turned my skills and accomplishments into something I would have never been able to do without you. You are such a blessing and I am so blessed to have met you. It's only up from here.


How many times have you visited a prospective employer's website, read the job description, determined you were qualified, submitted your application, but couldn't seem to get a callback?

For many professionals, this is a re-occurring experience and can often lead to discouragement and frustration. One of the most common mistakes a professional can make when doing their resume is regurgitating the job description.

Recruiters already know what the job entails, they are looking for you to tell them why you’re the best candidate. Your resume should read like a brag sheet and Girl Let’s Talk is an expert at turning your resume into just that.

Girl Let’s Talk utilizes a unique approach to unlocking your potential. If you book a resume service with us, Girl Let's Talk will conduct a 1-hour interview-style consultation before completing your resume. Our consultation technique utilizes a proprietary methodology that has quickly become a client favorite! Professionals who book with Girl Let's Talk are ready to go to the next level in their career, are you ready?

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